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Woman jailed for Fen-Phen fraud was also lying to her lawyers

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal an Arizona woman was sentenced to a year in Jail for submitting false Fen-Phen claims. It turns out that the woman, Dee Lynn Andrews, 60, of Anthem, Ariz., had previously been paid $200,000 in a settlement regarding her purchase of the weight loss drug Fen-Phen in 2001. At that time she also signed an agreement that she would not sue the further awards in the future.

It appears that the temptation was too much and Dee hired a number of different lawyers to handle her multiple claim submissions to get more dough from the settlement. She didn’t tell her lawyers that there were other lawyers or other submissions going on. She also did not inform any of her lawyers that she had previously received a settlement for her Fen-Phen purchases, nor that she had signed an agreement to never pursue further legal action.

All in all this is probably the worst kind of situation you can find yourself in. Besides actually committing fraud lying to your legal representation is never a good idea since they are the ones trying to help you.


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