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Comparison Shopping for Attorneys

Comparison Shopping for Attorneys

Questions to Ask When Finding a Lawyer or Finding an Attorney:

Here is a short video from David Michael Cantor about what to look for when hiring a criminal attorney:

Does the Law Firm sell its cases to other attorneys and call them “Of Counsel”?

  • DMCantor does not sell its cases!

Is the Law Firm named after a Certified Criminal Law Specialist as designated by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization?

David Michael Cantor has been a Certified Criminal Law Specialist since 1999!

  • Remember – Leadership begins at the top.

When you’re finding a lawyer, be sure to ask if the Law Firm AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell?
When you’re finding an attorney, be sure to ask is the Law Firm listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers?
Is the Law Firm’s named partner listed in the Southwest Superlawyers Publication?
Is the Law Firm’s named partner listed in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Arizona by the American Association of Trial Lawyers

  • DMCantor is listed in all 4 publications!
  • There is a reason Law Firms are (or are not) Top Rated.

Does the Law Firm go to Jury Trial regularly (and win)?

  • If you go to www.dmcantor.com and click on Jury Trial Victories, you will see over 138 of our Complete Acquittals (i.e. not guilty – All charges) listed with dates and courts. No other Arizona Law Firm lists more than 16 Complete Acquittals on their website (Web Results as of Jan 1, 2016).
  • “Dismissed” and “Reduced Charge” claims are not the same as a Jury saying “Not Guilty – All Charges!” Some lawyers can occasionally receive dismissals and charge reductions (we have thousands), but very few can regularly achieve Complete Acquittals!

When you’re shopping for a lawyer, be sure to ask the Law Firm how many Jury Trials have resulted in Complete Acquittals, since the Law Firm was formed.

When you’re finding an attorney, be sure to ask the Law Firm to list their last 10 Jury Trial Victories (i.e. Complete Acquittals) with actual dates.

  • This should be listed on their website.
  • If not, then why not?

Did the Jury Trial Victories which a Law Firm claims actually occur while the winning lawyer was employed by that Law Firm – or did they occur while the lawyer was employed elsewhere?

  • Every victory listed on our website occurred while the attorney was employed at the DMCantor – not when the lawyer was employed elsewhere (possibly out of state).
  • Remember – Leadership and a Culture of Quality begins and flows from the top down!

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