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Mortgage Fraud Can Involve Many Innocent Parties

When dealing with Mortgage Fraud in the State of Arizona, you need to know that charges are brought by either State or by the United States Attorneys in federal court on a variety of charges:

  • Conspiracy to commit bank fraud
  • False statement to influence financial institutions
  • Conspiracy to commit transactional money laundering
  • Conspiracy to commit wire fraud

Watch attorney David Michael Cantor of DM Cantor explain fraudulent schemes.

Mortgage Fraud is typically based on a scheme and depending upon if it was your first offense or not, defendants could be looking at anywhere from no jail time to 35 years of incarceration. Fraud crimes charged at the federal level tend to carry lengthy prison sentences as well. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office will sometimes bring civil consumer fraud actions based on these schemes under A.R.S. §44-1522.

Common schemes are:

  • The Cash Back/Kickback Mortgage Fraud Scheme
  • The Reverse Mortgage Fraud Scheme
  • The Bankruptcy Foreclosure Mortgage Fraud Scheme
  • The Short Sale Mortgage Fraud Scheme
  • Equitable Mortgage Fraud Scheme

If you’ve been charged with  mortgage fraud please call us. We can help you figure out your options and discuss details of what happened. There are successful defenses that our experienced attorneys have used and there is hope. We invite you to review the victories our law firm has had regarding theft and fraud. More than likely, we can help you too.

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